2019: the year for you

Hey guys, long time no speak I know, it’s been a hot minute!

Uni work and social pressures have been at the forefront of my agenda. 2018 was a year of figuring myself out, meeting new people and getting used to living away from my parents. However, 2019 has been so positive already.

Social pressures: FOMO is a real thing at Uni. You think you miss one night out and you’re out of the social loop. I couldn’t have been more wrong when I thought this. It gets to a stage where you go to the same clubs with the same people and it gets so repetitive. I’m so much more preferring to go out once a week and to social nights and leaving it at that. It doesn’t mean I’m out the social loop, plus I’m saving money so when I do go out I’ve got more disposable money.

One major fear I had when starting Uni so far away from where I live was about meeting people. Unfortunately, since being at Uni, two people I became close with only used me to get to other people or for money and the sad reality is that I didn’t realise I was in such a toxic friendship until it was too late. After these friendships ended, those friendships that are more sincere emerge and you really get to know who’s there for you. So PLEASE don’t worry if you don’t find this friendship soulmate straight away, sometimes you have to go through temporary friends to find those who love you for you.

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My final fear I have is blogging. There is so much stigma about blogging I’ve found it hard to write anything in fear people might find out. I love reading blogs, seeing how people live and I find it so relatable to read them. So my 2019 is to blog once a week and to feel more confident in my blogging content and to start to expand it hopefully by the end of the year.

So let 2019 be the year of detoxifying your fear, friendships and battles. Open up to people. Write it on your blog. Because I’m sure so many more people are feeling the same as you then you think.

All my love (look out for a blog post next week!),

Coffee and Coats XX


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