Summer Playlist ’18

I can’t believe it’s Summer 2018 already.

It’s crazy how much has happened. I’ve finished my first year at University, I’ve met the most amazing group of people and I am very ready to be back at the beaches in Cornwall in my bikinis, getting my tan on!

I was writing down a list of blog posts I want to create this Summer and I felt starting with some picks from my Summer Playlist would be best, as nothing makes you feel better in the morning than a banging summer playlist! I have quite a varied taste in music, so I hope I include something for everyone.

  1. Aint Easy – Elijah Woods X Jamie Fine

This is my most recent love, a really upbeat number that just puts me in an amazing mood, hence why I’ve had it on repeat for the past couple days!

2. Drink About – Seeb, Dagny 

I love this song because it makes me wanna get up and dance, perfect to get ready to for a night out, properly puts you in the mood!

3. Location (Spotify Studios) – AJR

The original is still one of my all time fave songs, however, there’s something so vulnerable and raw about this cover that I love, it gives me all the feels!

4. Novacane – Frank Ocean

I am a massive Frank Ocean fan and this is just a classic, perfect for just chilling, playing in the background. It puts me in such a calm mood, definitely one for an evening bbq with your friends.

5. Melancholy – Ramdiddlz

For me this is such a song for the car, I love listening to music like this in the car, blaring with the sun streaming through the windows! Perfect track.

6. Brooklyn in the Summer – Aloe Black

I personally think this is a completely vibe for Aloe Black after classics of his such as ‘I need a Dollar’, but it was a pleasant surprise and one I know I will be playing all summer long!

If you’d like to listen to more songs on my Summer Playlist, then please follow and check out my Spotify, I will link it down below. Please give these a listen too and let me know what you think of them! I would also love some music recommendations to pop on my playlist as I love new music and take pride in what I listen to!

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX

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