Summer Days

Firstly, I would like to apologise for missing a post last week, it was my Alevel results day and I’ve had the craziest week because of it! So I’m back to my usual schedule.

I love a British Summer. Especially where I live. When the sun comes out we go to the beach and once we’ve been in the sun from 9 to 5 go to the nearest bar/pub and get ice cold cocktails. Honestly nothing beats it.

And Summer 2017 has not disappointed. With it being the summer in between the end of my Alevels and the start of University I have had a good 3 months off to enjoy a stress-free period. And I have bloody enjoyed myself. So I thought in this blog post I would share with you some of my highlights.


I don’t know if any of you have heard of it, but there is a massive festival  near where I live called Boardmaster and this year was incredible. Alt J, Jamiroquai and Two Door Cinema Club were the headliners, however, Stormzy and The Vaccines were my stand out favourites. The whole atmosphere was insane and because the festival is in Newquay, it is just gorgeous. This was the main highlight of my summer.girlspretty sky

My 18th Birthday!

If you read my last blog post, you would’ve known that on August 4th I turned 18! I finally hit the milestone and can now legally drink. Being the youngest out of all my friends made it so much more special when I turned 18, as everyone could come out and celebrate and was almost like an end of an era in a strange way! I had such an amazing day and was so spoilt and am so grateful for everything I was given.use 1

Little Adventures

One of my favourite things to do in Summer is go to places on the map I have never been before, so for a walk and go exploring, find a cute coffee shop in the sun and just enjoy the part of the world I live in. It makes me feel so free and uplifting: so much better about life, as it just makes me so calm. I am so lucky to live in Cornwall and sometimes I take it for granted, so I love just going out in the Summer to explore more.image1 (11)IMG_8790image2 (6)

Alevel Results Day

I understand that for some, results day are the worst. But for me results day is closure on my exams and the Alevel results I received have allowed me to go to my dream university. I was so nervous, but last Thursday I felt the past two years of solid hard work had paid off and I am off on the 23rd to start the new chapter of my life. So it will be a day to remember for me!

Thank you so much for all the support and love I get on my blog platform, I really appreciate it! I would also love it if you could all follow me on my social medias: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin.

Leave a comment about what your favourite moment of Summer 2017 was, I would love to hear about it!

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX


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