18th Birthday Haul

So on August 4th it was my 18th birthday!! I am FINALLY 18 haha, all my friends are already 18 so I almost felt like the burden to the group by being the young one. However, they made me feel so special on my birthday and I had the most amazing day. I love reading/watching the,, so I thought I would give you a 18th birthday haul. As a disclaimer, this is not me bragging, I just love seeing what people got myself, so thought I would share what I got.


So my parents spoilt me again this year. They gave me the most BEAUTIFUL matte black watch from the 5th. It is from the New York range and I am so grateful for it, I really didnt expect to get it. As well as the watch, if you have been reading my blog posts religiously, you would know that I love Bath and Body Works and they got me the Happy Birthday 3 wick candle and it literally smells like birthday cake, I love it. I normally love fresh scents over sweet scents, but this one is honestly incredible. They then got me some gorgeous next slippers and some bits for University, which I start in September.watchcandle and atchIMG_9636.JPG

Family And Friends:

I was also really spoilt by my friends and family this year. So my friends all grouped together and got me a pandora bracelet and the essence loyalty charm, which I was so so grateful for and I really wasn’t expecting it! They all got my the limited addition Pink Gin, which I am so excited to try, because there is nothing better than a Gin and Tonic on a hot day! On top of that, they got me the prettiest wooden crate, filled with gorgeous little bits such as glitter for festivals I’m off to soon, a cute urban outfitters hipflask and a jar full of memories! My Nan and Grandad then got me an 18th pandora charm and my birthstone heart charm to go on my pandora bracelet, alongside the most gorgeous pandora earrings I have ever seen! My older brother then got me a bottle of processco and my younger brother got me the minions movie (I’m a sucker for anything related to Despicable Me) and some new headphones!!

pandoragin 1gin 2

These were some of my favourite bits I was generously gifted! My boyfriend is taking me away for a couple days next month so I have that to look forward to as well!!

I would love to know when all your birthdays are, let me know below in the comments!

Thank you for reading and once again, I would like to say this isn’t to brag, I wrote this post purely because I love reading them myself!

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX

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