What I Eat on a Typical Day: Paleo Version

Hiya guys! If you have read my fitness post, you would have learned that I try to follow a paleo lifestyle, as I like to live a healthy lifestyle and I can get poorly off some dairy and gluten products. Therefore, a paleo lifestyle is an easy way of me being able to meet all my dietary needs, and honestly, I think it’s such a good lifestyle to follow!

Some of you were curious as to what I eat when following this lifestyle and if i’m honest, it’s not that much difference to what I would eat if I wasn’t paleo based! Therefore, I thought I would do a What I Eat in a Day post.

Breakfast: Coffee and Eggs

I couldn’t be that person who didn’t eat breakfast: I wake up every morning starving! One of the first things I will do is make myself a coffee. I have a deLonghi coffee machine, so I will normally make an almond milk cappuccino, purely because I love the froth! Then I will either have baked eggs with tomato and spinach, or scrambled eggs with chorizo. I love eggs in the morning as it starts my day  off with protein and keeps me fuller for longer. I also prefer hot breakfasts as it makes me feel all cosy in the morning, haha!

Lunch: Some sort of salad and meat!

If you gave me a simple salad packed full of lettuce and peppers and cucumber, I would never feel full and this would cause me to snack even more than I already do! Therefore, I always have to add some sort of meat or protein to it to make it nicer and fill me up! I love adding chicken or steak, but cooked in chinese spices or even just paprika and garlic. If I feel like a lighter lunch, I will make a simple Caesar salad  with maybe some salmon or falafels. Just something quick and easy, that I can take on the go and feel full but not horribly bloated!

Dinner: Meat and vegetables

Dinner for me is normally some sort of meat and vegetable dish. I LOVE homemade breaded chicken with sweet potato fries, mixed veg and homemade guacamole! I am also partial to a soup, such as butternut squash or Mexican tortilla soup. Other popular meals with me are deconstructed burgers, Mexican burrito bowls or just a simple stirfry! It all depends on how I’m feeling.

Snack: Otherwise known as my favourite thing to eat

I am a terrible snacker, but if I snack on the right foods, it really doesn’t matter. If I’m bored but mistaking it for hunger I will just make myself a green tea. Otherwise, I will make a large smoothie with a ton of fruit to satisfy my sweet cravings! Let me know if you would like to see some smoothie recipes, I would love to share them with you! In the evenings, I like to snack on something like dark chocolate or nuts, because a girls gotta have her chocolate!!

This post isn’t in anyway trying to convert you to try the paleo lifestyle or anything like that: I just wanted to show you how I make my dietary requirements manageable for me. As with everyone, there are always those days I can’t be bothered so grab a Pret or a takeaway and eat a litre of icecream in an evening, but this is what I will typically eat and I enjoy it and it works for me!

I would love to know what your favourite meal of the day is and what you would typically eat for it!!

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX


29 thoughts on “What I Eat on a Typical Day: Paleo Version

      1. Will definitely keep you posted. I’ve been trying out a few meals like this and so far so good. ESP the lunches. Using herbs to jazz it up and give the protien a bit more life and so far so good. Need to avoid the soups tho…. I love a soup with my bread as opposed to bread with my soup… A whole load can easily be demolished with a bowl…. My kryptonite for sure xxxx

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  1. I agree, I am always staving as well when I wake up and can’t wait to have a coffee! My coffee machine has broke, though…back to the kettle! This lifestyle looks great, I pretty much eat like this anyway…doesn’t look restrictive at all 🙂

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  2. Wow. You’re breakfast sounds amazing yum 🙂 Almond milk lattes are my favorite but I can’t make them at home! I am gluten free due to an allergy so I eat a lot of the same foods that you do.
    This post was really enjoyable to read. Simple but I loved it!


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  3. I love reading what i eat in a day blogs because they always give me ideas or something new to try so thank you. Gives some great insight to this kind of diet x


  4. I love that you include some veggies in your meals. I’ve been trying to do the same, even if it’s fresh fruit. 🙂 I’m not sure I could do the paleo diet as I’m trying to eat less red meat, but if I could substitute all that protein with chicken, turkey or fish then count me in! LOL
    And I love your idea of eggs with tomatoes and spinach! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that! I’ll have to try it!

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  5. I agree snacks are definitely the best (mine aren’t always healthy). I always love these what I eat in a day posts, it’s so interesting to see all the different meal plans people follow. Not sure I could ever do a paleo diet I love my yogurt way too much.

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  6. YES more paleo posts, my boyfriend and I do our best to maintain a Paleo diet, mainly just trying to avoid processed food. We are both hunters so a majority of our protein comes from the wild game we harvest, it’s all really lean meat. I really enjoyed this post. I need to take your green tea when you’re feeling bored hungry into consideration.


  7. I eat Paleo as well and have for the past 3 years. I constantly get asked what I eat and comments are made that I only eat “leaves and stones.” I’m so glad you made a little journal about normal daily food to prove that those who follow Paleo actually do eat.

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  8. Perfect day with the right amount of goodness in it! I tend to follow a similar plan as my partner and I both react to gluten and dairy. He has just found out eggs aren’t great with him either (more for me 🤣). Love you blog – consider a new avid follower 💕


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