Must-Have Summer Accessorises

Hiya! Before I get into this blog post, I would just like to say that I will now be uploading a blog post every Wednesday around 5 GMT and will post some Sundays. But to make sure you don’t miss a blog post of mine, be sure to follow my twitter, @CoffeeAndCoats_, where I will tweet every time I upload and I will be sure to follow you guys back!

Anyway. Summer accessorises. I have some clear favourites. I love summer clothes, but if I’m honest, I prefer wearing a simple playsuit or shorts and top combo, but then use accessories to jazz it up. One of my favourite summer accessories are sunglasses. A girl can never have too many sunglasses.image2 (5)image6 (1)These three are my favourites. The blue cat eye ones I bought last year in Dubai from a little market stall. I thought these were so quirky and I love wearing them with basic outfits to add a pop of colour and a hint of personality. I also think they look great at festivals, as they fit with all the outfits I plan! The round black and rose gold pair are my go-to’s – they look exactly like the rayban ones which are in style at the moment, however are a fraction of the price, with them only being ยฃ3 from Primark! I thought they were an absolute bargain! The final pair are also from Primark, just a tortoise shell preppy round frame, with a brown lense. I wear these on more casual days, like going to the beach or sitting in my garden. I really couldn’t function without all three of these glasses!

I feel you can never go wrong with a backpack either. In the summer I like to wander down to the little coffee shops in my town and go for a cycle ride to the beach and a backpack comes in so handy. It means I can pack quite alot of bits, but saves one of my shoulders from constantly aching. I also adore my backpack, I got it in a Spainish shopping mall (I promise I dont buy everything abroad!) and I instantly fell in love with it! Plus, it was in the sale for 10 euros and I felt I couldn’t leave it!image4 (1)image1 (9)

Finally, I am a jewellery lover and I am obsessed with stacker rings. I got these gorgeous set from Primark, containing 8 different rings (they aren’t all in the photo) , with a mix or rose gold, gold and silver rings. I think they look so much more expensive than they cost and instantly add a touch of elegance to any outfit. I am also a fan of midi rings now; the more rings the merrier!image3 (4).JPG

So these are my must have summer accessories, I would love to know what yours are, or if you have any similar favourites to me!

Thank you for reading and remember to follow my twitter to keep up with future blog posts, but there will be one every Wednesday around 5.

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX


27 thoughts on “Must-Have Summer Accessorises

  1. I loved reading this cute post โค
    and I definitely agree, sometimes a simple outfit with more accessories is better in the summer.
    Sunglasses are always my go-to and also statement necklaces with a plain shirt.
    But my favorite accessory this summer has to be my mustard yellow baseball hat haha

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    1. I feel like I should invest in a pair of sunglasses, but I can never bring myself to spend the money haha! Thank you, I know it was such a good price and is such a wardrobe staple for me! Thank you for commenting!! X

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  2. Oh man I used to be oh so obsessive over sunglasses, I swear I had a whole drawer just dedicated to sunglasses at one point. Whenever I found a pair I liked even the slightest bit I would buy them lol I slowly stopped being so reckless and now have like 2-3 good pairs that I really like.

    xo, JJ

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