Summer To Do List 2017

Hi guys! Sorry that it’s been long time no speak, I’ve been so busy with Alevels and I have thankfully finished now!! It feels so good to not have to feel guilty about doing anything other than revising.

The end of Alevels means a nice long summer before I start University and although I have to work alot this summer, when I’m not working I would love to make the most of the time. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate a post to things I would love to do with my summer!

  1. Go on a spontaneous trip – I am so lucky to live in Cornwall, therefore it’s so easy to pitch up a tent or car in a gorgeous location and just spend the night there. I 100% want to do this this summer with a group of my friends, by the beach, just having a lovely time!
  2. Read 6 books – I love to read and since Christmas I haven’t had any time to read any books because I would get to the second chapter and then not have time to read til a month later and by then I would have forgotten what had happened! I have this massive pile of books I’m dying to read and would love to read at least 6 of them.
  3. Take part in a charity run – I love to keep fit as you guys will know from one of my previous blog posts, but I haven’t taken part in a charity run for a while and would love to do one again this summer: my favourites are the mud runs or colour runs
  4. Go to Festivals – I feel like if you’re going to go out to as many festivals as possible, then for me this is the summer to do so. I have got a couple of festivals lined up and I am sooo excited: mostly for the glitter haha!
  5. Start taking care of myself more – during school, I just had no time to properly look after myself, so this summer I would love to take more time out to pamper myself, for example, do more hair mask or go and get a facial. Just little things to perk me up and make me feel better as well as a doing good things for my body.
  6. Have more no make up days – like the above comment, wearing no make up for the past 3 weeks whilst revising and sitting my exams had made a massive difference to my skin. Some days I may wear a bit of concealer under my eyes, but other then that, nada.  Try it, it will work wonders. Especially in summer, the last thing you want is your makeup getting cakey in the heat.

I would love to know if you guys have anything you really wanna do this summer, or if they are similar to mine let me know!

I have also just set up a blog twitter account and would love you guys to give it a follow so you know when I’m posting and my whereabouts!

There will be a ton of summer posts coming your way very soon! Look out for them!

All my love,

Coffee and Coats XX


24 thoughts on “Summer To Do List 2017

  1. These are great goals for summer! I really want to be reading more books too. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with reading lately. I really enjoyed reading this post, though. 🙂

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  2. So, as a woman that has a son at exactly the same stage as you, (just broke from college for summer) I was excited to read your list as he is planning similar. I remember it well, how exciting summer is at your ages. I also have to say, being an ex owner of a skincare salon, how happy your points 5 and 6 make me. Look after your skin now and it will pay dividends as you get older. Enjoy your summer!

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