Study Tips I Use and Love

It’s that time of the year we all dread. Exam season.

As a lot of you out there, I am sitting my exams next week. I am on my last year of Alevels, therefore these exams are the ones which determine what Uni I go to. No pressure though ey?..

As they are becoming a massive part of my life, I thought I would share with you my best tips to help some of you guys out or so you can just see what I love to do around this time of year.

Tip 1: Have some sort of timetable, but don’t make it too strict! 

Some people I know work so well when they split their time into two hour chunks and allocate different chunks different activities, eg a chunk for History, then a chunk for free time. However, I have never been able to do this, as I feel like I’m forcing myself to do something when I’m not in the mood to do it. Therefore, in my daily planner I set myself a target of how many hours of revision I do and what subjects I should do. This is set in stone however. SO say on Monday I have nothing much planned for the day, I will write at the top of my diary ‘2hours, Psychology’. Therefore, when it gets to Monday, I know 2hours of revision is what I aim for and Psychology is the subject that I should try to do.

image2 (4).JPG

Tip 2: Listen to your body!

As I’ve said in a couple of previous blogs, I feel it is so important to listen to your body, whether it’s to do with studying, eating or even socialising. If you wake up one morning and have scheduled to do a couple hours of psychology and youre just feeling so unmotivated, DONT DO IT!! Honestly, if you really aren’t feeling it, you’re not get as much done as if you were in the right head space. Similarly, if you wake up and have a couple hours of psychology timetabled, yet feel like only doing an hour of history (the subjects I am doing are psychology, history and religious studies, hence the examples!) that is also completely fine as well! The best work you do is when you are in the right headspace for it, don’t force yourself to do any!

Tip 3: Colour is everything

Being organised and efficient makes me so happy weirdly, and colour coding is my absolute dream! Writing key facts in one colour, evaluation in another and then other points in another is so satisfying and makes revision alot less dull. It also helps me remember things alot better, as I can visualise the colours. Not only does it help with revision, it massively helps with exam technique as well, as the colour coding can help with essay structure. Because of this, you can easily remember what goes in what also makes your cue cards and mind maps look so much prettier!

image3 (3).JPG

Tip 4: Take some time out

I know it’s such an important time of the year, but please remember to take time out for yourself. Whether it’s going out with friends for lunch or just doing a 15 minute face mask, treating yourself for your hard work will make everything more manageable! We all need abit of TLC when it’s been a long day!

I wish all of you doing exam the best of luck, it’s almost over and we can look forward to the best summer! Think of the sun and relaxation you can have in a couple weeks and it will  help!

Lots of love,

Coffee and Coats XX


14 thoughts on “Study Tips I Use and Love

  1. Wow I needed this!! I’m studying for a teaching exam later this summer and just cannot wrap my head around physics haha. Hopefully with some color coding and time to let my brain relax I can get into a new mindset and learn better, like you said. Thanks for the tips! I love the format of your blog and I also love coffee! Please check out my blog if you have a second 🙂

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  2. Hey, I loved these tips and I totally agree. My most important exam in university is next week and I am so in panic that I can’t study properly.. But sometimes, you just need to relax and do what needs to be done! Have a nice day 🙂 Marina

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  3. These tips are great- especially the one about not sticking to a strict timetable. I agree with you and feel that it can just cause a bit of a drag sometimes. I LOVE the aesthetic of those photos as well! I actually also wrote an article about study tips on my blog which I would really appreciate if you could check it out. Good luck in school xx


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