Lifestyle: Health and Fitness

Hiya guys! When I started my blog, one thing I wasn’t going to include was anything fitness related. Having had my blog for a little while now, I thought it would be silly not too as it is a big part of my life! I’m not fitness crazy, I  just enjoy going to classes and doing exercise as it makes me feel so much more confident about myself.

I have to be very careful with what I eat as I can react badly to some dairy products and things with gluten in. I follow a Paleo based diet, which is eating like we would many years ago! It means you can anything we can hunt – meat, fish, greens, fruit and veg and lots of seeds and nuts! It’s the healthiest for our body, as we don’t consume anything processed or loaded with loads of chemicals. As I have a dairy intolerance, I also switch up dairy products for almond or soya alternatives as well. It makes such a difference for me, as it helps balance out my hormones so my skin and hair have improved SO much and I feel like I’m much more energised and improves sleep patterns. It’s not a very restrictive way  of living either: I don’t feel like I’m restricted to eating anything, the only major thing is dairy, but there are so many dairy alternatives now it’s easy to find other yummy products. If you would like to see any of my favourite Paleo recipes I would love to share them with you!

It may sound really odd, but I love to workout. I feel so much better about myself afterwards and it makes me a lot more positive about life. I will only do it when I’m in the right mindset for it: I’m a strong believer in listening to your body, and if it doesn’t wanna go for a run don’t make it!! I will go to the gym 3 times a week normally, do circuits once and then go spinning twice. Spinning is my favourite, as I feel like it tones me up really well and it makes me feel like I’ve had an intense workout after. I am in no way saying everyone should be like this, it just makes me feel better and more confident!

I completely understand that not everyone is going to like the idea of a Paleo diet or my workout routine, but it’s something I feel happy talking about and something I’m passionate about. I love cooking and exercising and it’s a big part of my life, so I decided it would be silly if I didn’t write about it now and then in my blog! The gym doesnt take over my life, I will either do a really early gym session or one in the evening, so it doesnt take over my day, but just makes me feel better.

If you would like to see more future posts about my lifestyle, I would be happy to share with you my favourite recipes/lunch ideas and bits like that!

Have an amazing day guys and thanks for reading!

Coffee and Coats XX


10 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Health and Fitness

  1. I’m really into fitness too! I’ve only just started blogging, so I’m going to just focus on healthy recipe posts for now… but I’d love to incorporate more fitness stuff in the future, since it’s such a huge part of my life as well. ❤

    I have celiac disease and lactose intolerance, and was recently diagnosed with SIBO – so I've transitioned to paleo eating as well. I'm honestly surprised by how easy it is, and happy to report I don't feel restricted what soever! I'm also shocked that my carb craving are pretty much gone. It's amazing how many recipes you can create with nut flour. 🙂


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