Spring Wishlist

I need to do some spring wardrobe shopping soon and I love spring/summer clothes. So colourful and light, I love the fact you can also wear a really gorgeous dress and dress it down with some cute sandals. You can so easily make things so much more casual. I also have such a sunglasses obsession, so it means I can justify buying a whole load of new pairs!! I was having a look online and saw some lovely stuff, so thought I would write a blog showing you some of my faves!!

H&M Crushed Velvet Trousers £34.99                                                                                                      When I saw these I immediately fell in love: mint green and velvet, whats not to like?? I love flowy trousers, on a night out I want to be comfortable but still look good and I find trousers like this such a perfect idea. The colour is gorgeous for spring too!!

Quay Australia Sugar and Spice Cat Eye Glasses £29                                                                          As I mentioned earlier, I have a sunglasses obsession and when I was looking on Quay Australia earlier I saw these and needed them and then when I realised they were in the sale I thought they were even better! I love the marble design and the shape is gorgeous. The bigger the better.

Topshop Leaf Playsuit £46                                                                                                                              I saw this playsuit and thought it was so pretty and colourful! With a pair of ankle boots or sandals it would look amazing. Pairing it with a white top underneath makes it PERFECT for Spring, as it would keep you warm enough in the wind but so you’re not too hot. However, I personally think it’s a little bit overpriced, but it is Topshop and I know the quality would be good.

River Island Black Embroidered Mesh Tshirt Dress £20                                                                       Embroidered clothes are so in trend this season and this mesh dress is so pretty. I love the way you can dress it up for a night out or keep it casual with a pair of converses. I feel like you can never go wrong with a black dress and the flowers add such a lovely touch. It is such a good price as well, especially as most River Island dress are around £40/£50, so it wont break the bank!!

Topshop White Joni Jeans £38                                                                                                                       I had a pair of white jeans a couple of years ago and ruined them so quickly. However, I feel like I need a pair in my wardrobe, aas I’ve seen so many people wear them again and I love the look! In Rock, near where I live, people pair them with a big tshirt a flipflops and they look so effortlessly chic. I am obsessed.

Shopping is my weakness. When its spring/summer, I get so excited and love everything in the shops and these are a few of my favourite bits right now. Thank you for reading, lots of love!!

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