What I do in the Evening

Todays post is something I haven’t done before, but I love reading them so I thought I would do one! I love watching/reading night routines, so I thought I would upload a post with what I do with my evenings.

I am one of those people who you can guarentee to find in pyjamas by 7oclock, in bed with a cup of tea. As I am a student, I find myself getting tired super quickly and I need to get into comfy clothes and bed ASAP. The first thing I do it light a candle and turn on all my fairy lights, as this just gives my room such a cosy and comforting atmosphere.candles.jpg


If it’s a Friday night I will normally run a bath as well, so I can just soak and elevate all my stress from my body from the week. My favourite products I’ve been loving recently for my bath are the the Molten Brown shower gel, the Body shop Spiced Cranberry product range and the Red Patchouli Body Butter from the Winter in Venice collection.


As I follow a Paleo diet, for my tea I will normally have something like a Fajita Bowl or Super Salad with loads of healthy fats, as it makes me feel full without the horrible bloated feeling before bed. In the spring/summer months, I love to a have a book on the go, as if I have a day off from college I love to lie in the garden in the sun and read I’m loving it!!

bookschool work

One of the downsides of being a students is revision: it is literally the bane of my life. As the subjects I study are more essay based – history, psychology and RS – I will normally have an essay to write or research to do, so I will try get this done early evening so I can get everything done earlier in the night, so I’m not rushing it and not doing it properly.

Once I am in bed though I will either watch a netflix series, some youtube or read some blogs, as this is my downtime in this evening. I will always have a cup of green tea and dark chocolate nearby though!!

I would love it if you guys could leave some comments of the sort of the blog posts you would like to see during spring, as I would to make some content you guys have requested! Have a lovely week, thank you for reading my post!!

Coffee and Coats XX


19 thoughts on “What I do in the Evening

  1. I change into my pjs or comfy clothes almost immediately upon getting home from work. It’s literally the first thing I look forward to doing lol that is- unless I have plans after work which is usually rare. I usually so the lighting a candle thing too…but now that it’s still light out when I get home (thank God) I wait till the sun goes down just to set the mood a little more πŸ™‚

    xo, JJ

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