15 facts about me !

Happy Sunday!! I love Sundays and I feel February has been such a positive month for a change! Reading the previous blog post I’ve written I feel like I should tell you guys more about myself, as I dont think I’ve given much about myself away. So be prepared for a chatty blog post, letting you guys understand more about my life

   1. I am a hot holiday kind of person over cold holidays. I just love the sun, being by a pool and drinking little cocktails in a bikini. I find it SO much more appealing then freezing your bum off on a mountain!

   2. I am just 5’2″. I’m the smallest in my family. Means I can buy all the gorgeous heels.

   3. Pugs. Are. So. Cute.

   4. I weirdly love to workout. I go 5 times a week and I just feel so good afterwards. I love the workout clothes too! I go to alot of classes and spinning is by far my favourite!

   5. To contradict my last point, I have a unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

   6. My favourite day of the week is Saturday and my favourite time of year is Christmas. I will never not love it, it just makes me so happy.

   7. I have 5 piercings and I would love to get more.

   8. I would choose a cup of tea over coffee any day. But I do love a vanilla iced latte. So I guess it depends upon my mood..

   9. I have almost finished my alevels and am planning to go to university next year and study events management. I love to organise things and planning someones wedding or charity event would make me so happy, to make something amazing for someone.

   10. Music is a passion of mine. I play 4 instruments and I love to sing.

   11. I overthink EVERYTHING.

   12. I don’t really have a favourite colour, but if I had to choose I think it would be green. Although you wouldn’t be able to tell as all I ever really wear is black and white.

   13. One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is go for beach walks and go for lunch with my boyfriend. It’s so relaxing and makes me feel so calm.

   14. Topshop, Mango and Asos are my favourite shops.

   15. I have 2 brothers and a sister. I love them all to bits but they dont half annoy me!

Hope you all have a lovely week, look out for a February favourites post soon, I feel like I’ve loved so much this month! Thank you all so much for reading, love you all millions

Coffee and Coats XX


23 thoughts on “15 facts about me !

  1. #11 SAMEEEE. Although I do share a lot of similar things with you aside from just 11 lol Do you live by a beach? Lunch dates with the boyf is definitely one of my favorite things too- it’s so simple yet so comforting!

    xo, JJ

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