Travel Vlog: Dubai !!

Hi guys,

Long time no blog, I’m so sorry, things have been crazy. Firstly I would like to say thank you so so much for 100 followers! I love you all and thank you for your support, it means so much!

In other news, I recently went on a trip in Dubai to work at the Quintessentially Wedding Show at the St Regis Hotel for a luxury wedding stationer called ER stationary. Dubai is an amazing place, it’s so lit up and luxurious. So for the first three days I was there I was working at the show. It was an incredible experience as I met the Saudi Royal family who were stunning, and met a ton of amazing people and clients. So all in all the show was  successful!er and show.png

So after the days of the show, me and the others I went to Dubai with decided to have some down time, so went to relax on the pools by the Palm, which was incredible! I have been to Dubai once before, but never to the Palm, and it loved it! It’s crazy to think it’s all man made! Then we went to this amazing roof top bar called Level 43 at the top of the Four Seasons and the view was insane, I will put a photo of it up. So the next couple days was relaxing and cocktails!pool and rooftop.png

One thing I love the most about Dubai is the shopping: you cannot fault it. I bought so much as Dubai mall is so huge, I just had so much to choose from, so just ended up buying everything I liked! Their forever 21 is insane, but it’s next to Michael Kors and its such a weird experience. And then next to that is a three floor aquarium. Which is all in this mall. It’s amazing! They also do an incredible fountain display next to the Burg Kalifa. It’s so pretty, as the fountains dance to music and the atmosphere is so lovely when you’re watching.malls.png

One thing which called be called a custom in Dubai is going out for brunch: so on our last day to go home in style we all went and had Prosecco brunch in the 7 star hotel the Burg Al Arab. The food was stunning, the prosecco was flowing and it was the perfect end to a perfect time away!brunch.png

I couldve uploaded so many more photos and told you about so many more things, but I didnt want to make this a hugely long blog. If you wanna see more photos go check out my instagram! So this was my whistle stop tour of Dubai. It was such an amazing time away, and now I’m home I’m so ready for the Christmas season. I’ve got so many Christmas blogs planned out, so be looking out for them!

Have an amazing day and once again thank you so much for 100 followers, it means the world!! xx


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