A Christmassy Day!

Hi guys,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I’ve been so busy, I’ve been all over the country looking at universities, so please excuse me, I promise I will blog more again now! Also next week I’m off to Dubai and wondered whether you guys would want to see a travel blog of Dubai? I would love to do one!

Anyway, this weekend I felt super Christmassy despite it being the start of November. Everywhere has Christmas bits now, it’s so hard not to feel excited! So on Saturday me and my family went to choose our Christmas tree. We go to a local Christmas tree farm, look through fields and fields of Christmas trees, find our favourite and tie a ribbon around it. Then at the start of December we will go back, cut it down and take it home to decorate! So we went to the farm, and found the perfect tree! It’s tall and full of branches. The smell of the farm is amazing,  I personally love the smell of Christmas trees.


Then on the Sunday we went to our local garden centre. I picked up the most gorgeous smelling Christmas candles and some little white bells to go on my tree. Going to the garden centre around Christmas is a must, you know Christmas is soon when they start setting up their Christmas displays. I am so excited for Christmas this year. Every year I look forward to it, but for some reason I feel like this year is going to be amazing. There’s nothing better than celebrating with your family, although I prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, am I the only one?? picture3


Tonight I’ve lit my Christmas candle and sat with a mince pie. It may only be November, but Tesco has started playing Christmas music and the Christmas ad’s are back on telly, so I’m telling myself its acceptable!!

Have a lovely week everyone ! xx


17 thoughts on “A Christmassy Day!

  1. What a nice post to get ‘into’ the Christmas spirit 😉

    I just finished a post about the 10 best Christmas gifts to give without murdering people in the stores. It’s really nice to read some other posts about it for inspiration.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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