Autumn Nail Colours

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I love doing my nails, it adds such a nice pop of colour to your outfits. Autumn colours are my favourite; I find them so gorgeous! I have four nail polishes I always reach to in Autumn, as I find I love the darker colours, but sometimes I should switch them up with some lighter ones.

Flormar Matte – Elegant Grey

This is a stunning slate grey colour, I love it because it’s a less harsh version of a black nail polish. I love a matte finish as well, it makes a nice change. The application is easy and it dries quick. The best part is I only need one coat of this and the colour is so bold! This is easily one of my go-to colours, the only problem is I’ve only been able to find this brand abroad, so every time I go to Spain I pick a couple colours up.


Accessorize – 21 Heavenly

Pastel colours are stunning, and I still find I love to wear them in the Autumn. This baby blue is so pretty. I’d never had a nail polish from Accessorize until this one; it’s safe to say I am going to buy more in future! The formula is so good, and the colour is so bold and I love this colour when the majority of my outfit it dark. I would totally recommend this colour to anyone. I also think the name of this colour suits the nail polish! It was also inexpensive for Accessorize, only costing £1.99!


Rimmel 60 Seconds – 320 Rapid  Ruby

This is easily my favourite colour out of the four I’ve mentioned. It screams Autumn, its a gorgeous deep red. To get a bold colour I have to put on two to three coats, however the large brush makes this a quick process! These nail colours are such good quality, and I hate it when my nail polish chips, but this one has a pretty good lasting finish. If someone told me they could only buy one autumn nail polish, I would recommend this one every time.


Rimmel Rita Ora – 498 Rain Rain Go Away

Can we just talk about how perfect this name is for an Autumn nail polish in England? This is a stunning cool toned nude, I find myself reaching for this one alot as it goes with everything. It really complements my skin tone, and is such a classy looking colour. I only need to apply one coat of this, which is a nice change as I have to apply quite afew with the other nude colours I have. A gorgeous versatile colour!


They were my four favourite colours for Autumn, I love to know some other colours and brands I should try next! I would really appreciate some new recommendations, and thank you for reading!


20 thoughts on “Autumn Nail Colours

  1. That Accessorize polish bottle is so pretty! I don’t typically do pastels this time of the year but I guess the rule is that there ARE no rules anymore! I’m wearing a dark grey polish currently – I’ve been really enjoying greys lately.


  2. Lovely post! In LOVE with the last colour and love the bottle of the one from accessorize!
    Autumn is 100% my favourite season, currently got my nails painted dark green (which is reminding me of christmas!)

    Lots of Love
    Rach X

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