Autumn Essentials

14469129_1237539436310156_553852505_nAutumn is by far my favourite season. I live for crisp sunny days where I can wrap up warm in a coat and a scarf whilst drinking a pumpkin spiced latte. I love them.

I do have a few essentials I need in Autumn, so I thought I would do a blog post on the main ones

  1. A Warm Scarf – I love scarfs, and I get a new cosy one each year. My current favourite for this year is this red checked scarf from Primark. I always find myself favouring Primark scarfs because they’re such lovely material for such an amazing price! They are also the kind you can double up as a blanket, so when I’m on the bus or the train I either wrap it around my shoulders or put it over my legs
  2. Fuzzy socks– I could not live without fuzzy socks. There is nothing better than sitting in your PJ’s reading a book or watching Youtube with my favourite fuzzy socks on. They also look really cute peeping out the top of little ankle boots I think.
  3. Camera – In autumn I literally take my camera everywhere because I find its the most photogenic season, and everywhere looks gorgeous; I love the colours of all the leaves and the park where I live always looks stunning mid October.
  4. Moisturiser – My skin wouldn’t be able to cope without moisturiser during the Autumn/Winter times, as mine is incredibly dry. I struggle finding moisturisers for my skin as I react badly to paraben which is in most skincare brands. My current favourite is my Olay firming and moisturing night cream. It is a godsend this time of year.
  5. Travel mug – I am never seen without a coffee mug in my hand at Autumn, as I am a coffee lover. Therefore, my cupboards are full with travel mugs, and if I see a gorgeous looking one I always feel the need to buy it as I always use them!
  6. Darker lipstick – Darker lipstick is a must for me in the Autumn time. Last year I was obsessed with Macs Velvet Teddy as it is such a gorgeous shade and looks good with everything, but this year I feel like I need a new one. If you could leave a comment telling me a gorgeous darker lipstick for Autumn I would really appreciate it!

That’s it for my basic Autumn essentials. I could list at least another ten more, but then it would make this blog a bit long. I would love some ideas for some more Autumn themed posts, I would love to try and blog more often then once a week, and I’ve got a list of blog ideas I would just love to know some more! Love you all lots!



39 thoughts on “Autumn Essentials

  1. Yay this blog captures it all! I am SO excited for sweater weather and cosy weather, wearing oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks!

    x Annabelle


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