Staple bags


I feel like every girl needs a staple bag. We go through so  many in our lives, whether they are £10 Primark backpacks or £400 Louis Vuitton duffle bags, they mean so much and go with every outfit we put together.

My staple bag is this cream Kate Spade shoulder bag. Although its smaller than my old staple bag, the classic black Longchamp, it can hold everything I need it too; phone, lipstick, money, keys and mirror. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

I was lucky enough to receive it as a Christmas present from my Dad last year, and I’ve used it so much. Unfortunately the colour makes dirt more visible, but since I am the type of person who lives in darker colours such as khaki and burgundy, it brightens up my outfits so I overlook the colour issue!

Overall, this bag is cute and classy, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new staple bag!

If you guys have any staple bags or recommendations please let me know!


26 thoughts on “Staple bags

  1. Hey! I love the style of your blog; very chic with the marble. Most of my favourite bags are from Accessorise and I’m good at getting mysterious black marks on them all the time :p An occupational hazard of a bag owner if you ask me! In terms of some tips: after you write a few more posts you could add more pages/tabs to your menu if you have different topics. Other than that I think you’ve made a solid start! Happy blogging! xxx

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  2. I have a smallish Kate Spade bag that I’m really loving at the moment. It is actually the perfect size to fit my Olympus camera and lens while I’m on holidays without looking like an obvious tourist. I’m really happy I found it! (Did you know Kate spade is David spade , the actor/ comedian’s sister in law?)



  3. I love your bag! My staple school backpack is also from my parents as my bday gift, and I just carrying it with me cause it reminds me of my bday & the moment my parents got it for me 🙂 Your Kate Spade is definitely a timeless one, it would look gorgeous with any kinds of outfits!

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn


  4. Hey lovely,
    You were nominated for the Liebster award! You can find all of the information on my recent post at to find out how to get involved! Your blog is lovely and I also really love your nail color selection in this post! I can’t wait to read your answers!
    Much love!

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    1. I thought I had replied to your autumn nail picks post! My computer is acting up! I’m sorry about that! But I do love your Kate Spade Bag! Kate Spade is my favorite!!


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