Fathers Day 2019

I can't lie to you all, I'm a massive fan of Fathers Day. I honestly feel like it's the one day my Dad has to allow some celebration over how amazing he is. He knows we appreciate him so much all the time, but he only really allows himself to acknowledge it on Fathers Day … Continue reading Fathers Day 2019

Coffee Chats

Summer 2019. We're here already. I have just finished my second year at University, which is crazy! Disertation year next year which is abit overwhelming but I cannot wait as well, one more year and all the stress of essays and exam will be over! As to where that will leave me in a year, … Continue reading Coffee Chats

A look back on 2017 and forward into 2018

Hi guys,

I know towards the end of this year I haven't written many blog posts. To be honest with you guys, so much has happened in my life, changing a lot of things and sending my life down a different path. However, because of this, I feel like I have truly found myself, making 2017 the best year so far for me and I am now so excited for the next year.